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100 Days On the Ukraine War Continues!

The Ukraine Russia war is in its fourth month and still the mayhem continues.  Depending on which sources you look at about 5,000 or so civilians are dead, among them an estimated 270 children. More than 7 million Ukrainians have sought refuge in Poland, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, and elsewhere

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Happy Independence Day Sierra Leone!

Today marks the 61st birthday of Sierra Leone as a country.  Happy Independence Day to Sierra Leone and all of my fellow Sierra Leoneans!  As we celebrate this milestone there is much to be happy for and a lot to look forward to in Sierra Leone’s future. I will fill

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Ukraine War One Month In

Yesterday marked a month since Russia invaded Ukraine.  It is a very sad milestone. Millions of people have been displaced.  Thousands have been killed.  It is particularly sad that a few people make these decisions and so many innocent people suffer.  There was a big NATO summit with heads of

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Lessons from Management Consulting

9 Life Lessons I Learned As A Management Consultant

I have been extremely fortunate to work for some of the premier management consulting organizations in the world.  Some readers are probably wondering what management consulting is.  These firms specialize in helping businesses, organizations and governments to improve their performance. Management consultancies are successful for many reasons but perhaps the

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Writing has always helped me to distill my thoughts and develop clarity of purpose.  This blog will start with a first “season” 🙂 in 2021 where I share my thoughts on real estate topics but sometimes also maybe topics that are more personal to me.  I hope that the reader finds the materials useful.  Please comment and share your feedback. 

David Kamara