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Lessons from Management Consulting

9 Life Lessons I Learned As A Management Consultant

I have been extremely fortunate to work for some of the premier management consulting organizations in the world.  Some readers are probably wondering what management consulting is.  These firms specialize in helping businesses, organizations and governments to improve their performance. Management consultancies are successful for many reasons but perhaps the

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Crypto Currency vs Real Estate

Multifamily Real Estate vs Cryptocurrency

In recent conversations with fellow investors the question has come up on several occasions about whether the recent hot streak in cryptocurrency makes it a better asset class to invest in than multifamily real estate in 2021.  This is a serious question that cannot be easily dismissed.  Recent headlines of

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Writing has always helped me to distill my thoughts and develop clarity of purpose.  This blog will start with a first “season” 🙂 in 2021 where I share my thoughts on real estate topics but sometimes also maybe topics that are more personal to me.  I hope that the reader finds the materials useful.  Please comment and share your feedback. 

David Kamara